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How to apply for NT Companion Card

Step 1

Fill in the Companion Card application form

You can either:

  • contact your disability coordinator, allied health professional or aged card coordinator who can help you fill in the form
  • or fill in the Companion Card application form with the help of a health professional such as your doctor.

Step 2

Get two colour, passport-sized photographs of yourself. These must be signed on the back by the same person who completes section three of the Companion Card application.

Step 3

Submit your application form and photographs by mail to:

NT Companion Card Program
Integrated disAbility Action
PO Box 645, Nightcliff NT 0814

You may be asked to submit medical information about your disability to support your Companion Card application.

Declined applications

Your Companion Card application might be declined if any of the following apply:

  • you have a temporary impairment
  • you do not need lifelong attendant care support to access the community
  • the lifelong need for care and support in the community can’t be determined
  • you can’t access a particular venue
  • you choose to have a companion for social company or reassurance
  • you experience infrequent or unexpected events such as allergic reactions, falls or medical emergencies
  • you can use available aids, equipment or alternative strategies to access a venue or activity.

If your application for a Companion Card is declined, you can request a review by calling IdA on 08 8948 5400 or email info@ntcompanioncard.org.au.

You may need to submit more information to support your application.