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What is an Affiliate?

An affiliate officially registers to participate in the Companion card program.

This may be an organisation, business, event or venue that charges a fee for admission or attendance.

In summary, affiliates agree to:

  • issue one ticket, at no charge, to cardholders who have bought a ticket and require attendant care
  • display the Companion Card logo in a prominent position and/or in promotional material, where possible
  • abide by the Affiliate Terms and Conditions.

The card has been developed as a tool to assist business and community sectors to comply with existing disability anti-discrimination legislation. It is not a discount scheme, concession or benefit. It allows for fairer ticketing practices for customers that require substantial attendant care to be able to attend the venue or event.

Why become an Affiliate

The companion card acceptance is a recognition that removing or reducing discrimination is a shared responsibility. It is an easy way for your organisation, which charges an admission or participation fee, to comply with some of your obligations under disability anti-discrimination legislation.

By becoming an affiliate you’re registering your business or organisation to support people with a significant or profound, permanent disability. These are people who have proven they are unable to access most community activities or venues without high-level attendant care support.

Some of the benefits of becoming an affiliate are:

  • It presents a positive public image for your organisation or business.
  • You’ll be meeting your social responsibility by incorporating the human rights of people with disability into your ticketing policies and practices.
  • You’ll have access to an additional, untapped market.
  • You’ll have evidence your organisation has taken some steps to remove discriminatory policies or practices.

Venue and activity owners and operators are already required to comply with existing disability anti-discrimination legislation.

To become an affiliate please use the form below or click here to download an application form.