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Where you can use your card

NT based businesses, venues and events that have formally agreed to accept the Companion Card are listed below.

If there is a venue or activity that you wish to attend, it is your responsibility to check with the venue, at the time of booking your tickets, if they will accept your Companion Card. Some venues may still accept your Companion Card even if they are not formally registered as program affiliates.

Acceptance of the Companion Card does not indicate that a venue/activity is accessible. Card holders should check accessibility with the venue/activity operator before booking tickets.


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  • Venue Type

Businesses, venues and events

Territory Wildlife Park

Address: Cox Peninsula Road Berry Springs

Phone: 08 8988 7200

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The Y Katherine: Henry Scott Recreation centre

Address: Lot 2525 Stuart Hwy, Katherine NT 0850 Australia

Phone: 08 8972 2592

Email: reception.hsrc@ymca.org.au

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Public transport.

Phone: 08 8924 7666

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Walk Darwin Pty Ltd

Guided sightseeing walking tours

Address: The streets and paths of Darwin

Phone: 0428 183 444

Email: bookings@walkdarwin.com.au

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